Archived Webinars

FREE - "Discussing the Round One Units Launch" with OpenSciEd Executive Director, Jim Ryan August 29, 2019

NSELA and OpenSciEd Excutive Director, Jim Ryan presented Discussing the Round One Units Launch Originally hosted on August 29, 2019, video playback is now available for the public!

"Makerspaces, Fab Labs & STEM Labs: Safer Designs and Practices!" May 30, 2019 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

NSELA, Dr. Ken Roy, and Dr. Tyler Love presented Makerspaces, Fab Labs & STEM Labs: Safer Designs and Practices! Originally hosted on May 30, 2019, video playback is now available for NSELA Members.

"STEM For All Students" February 14, 2019 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

NSELA and Okhee Lee are pleased to present STEM For All Students. This webinar focused on science instruction using the Framework and NGSS. This approach will be more relevant to those states that have adopted or adapted the NGSS.

"Science Professional Learning Standards: A Tool for Designing, Supporting, and Evaluating Professional Learning" January 10, 2019 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

A compelling webinar on January 10th featured the new Science Professional Learning Standards developed by the Council of State Science Supervisors. Join Brett Moulding and Cathy Mackey to learn more about how this guiding document can help professional development leaders design and implement high quality opportunities for educators.

"Three Dimensional Learning Using Data Collection Technology" November 6, 2018 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Vernier and NSELA conducted a joint webinar: Data logging allows students to collect experimental data quickly and efficiently so that classroom emphasis can shift to more important functions - asking new questions, extending experiments, and analyzing results using appropriate mathematical tools. Many studies that can’t be done with traditional experimental equipment become possible with the right tools. This webinar will emphasize how technology can assist teachers in the development of three dimensional classroom activities. Presenters: David Carter, STEM Training Director, Vernier, Ann Hammersly, Consultant, Vernier, Gary Myers, Director of Outreach and Business Development, Vernier

FREE - "Transforming Science Assessment: State Systems of Assessment" October 24, 2018

This joint webinar features Achieve, CSSS, and NSELA and discussion a system of assessments. Presenters: Aneesha Badrinarayan, James Blake, Kevin Anderson, and Sara Cooper.

FREE -  "Supporting Students in Meaningful Engagement in Three Dimensional Learning Through NGSS Storylines": August 30, 2018

This presentation was lead by Michael Novak (Northwestern University) and Misty Richmond (Chicago Public Schools) sharing the work they have done creating and implementing 3Dimensional Storylines. Presenters: Aneesha Badrinarayan, Achieve, James Blake, NSELA, Kevin Anderson, CSSS

"Prepare for Standardized Testing with Interactive Online Simulations:" March 1, 2018 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

New computer-based assessments move beyond multiple-choice questions to those that assess student understanding and thinking. Using interactive simulations in classroom instruction can help schools and districts prepare to meet the challenges of the new standards and assessments. Presenters: Pam Larson, Professional Development Director, ExploreLearning and Laura Chervenak, VP of Professional Development, ExploreLearning 

"Building a Science Strategy for Your School or District:" Nov. 14, 2017 NSELA MEMBERS - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

The new federal education law – the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA – includes a significant shift of decision-making to the state and local levels, and provides states and districts with flexibility to set new policy and funding priorities. District leaders nationwide are now determining their priorities under ESSA, informed by their state plans, and how they can best take advantage of the new federal education law. ESSA offers schools and districts the opportunity to rethink programs and support better student outcomes in science. Presenters:  Michael Lach, Director of STEM Education and Strategic Initiatives at UChicago STEM Education and the Urban Education Institute of the University of Chicago, Jodi Peterson, Assistant Executive Director of Legislative and Public Affairs for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach, NSELA President.