Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions

Who can join NSELA?

Anyone can join NSELA. Current members include department heads, supervisors, coordinators, consultants, science specialists, administrators, teachers advocates, teachers, university and college science educators, and others concerned with leadership in science curricula, science education reform, and science education in general.

How do I become a member of NSELA?

Click “Join” in the main bar and complete the membership application.

How long is my membership?

Membership is 12 months.

How do I get more involved with NSELA?

We would love to have your involvement! There are many roles that people can fill within the association based on interests and availability. Involvement may range from serving on the board to working as a committee member on a specific project. All levels of experience are welcome. There are also opportunities to contribute to the Navigator Newsletter or submit an article to the Science Educator Journal. To find out more, contact us at NSELA or visit the “Get Involved Page

Do I have to volunteer if I join?

You do not have to volunteer but many opportunities are available if you are interested. See prior question. 

General Questions

How do I contact NSELA?

You can contact NSELA through email or phone. Contact information is found on the website.

What is the Leadership Summit?

NSELA hosts this one-day event each spring that preceded the NSTA National Conference.

What is the Summer Leadership Institute?

The SLI is a four-day event that provides an intensive experience of networking.