EdReports Seeks Educators for High School Science Reviews

Posted: Dec. 2, 2021

We wanted to share a great opportunity, from our friends at EdReports, for deep professional learning on the Next Generation Science Standards with a national network of skilled educators aimed at supporting other educators with information to help them find quality science instructional materials. Currently 1,240 districts have benefitted from the work of EdReports educator reviewers, supporting almost 14 million students.

EdReports is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower educators with independent, credible, evidence-rich information about instructional materials to ensure students have what they need to be college and career-ready. They are accepting applications for reviewers for inaugural high school science review beginning in early April 2022. 

Who is EdReports looking for? EdReports is a by educator, for educator organization. Currently, classroom educators, district specialists, state specialists, non-formal educators, retired educators, and those pursuing advanced science education degrees participate in reviews. The profile of a science reviewer includes expertise in the Next Generation Science Standards and a commitment to quality instructional materials. 

What can I expect if selected to be a reviewer? EdReports plans to review five biology NGSS programs in the inaugural review. If selected, you will sit on a team of five reviewers who will be examining one set of materials with the support of EdReports’ science team. Reviewers can expect the following: 

  • New teams will begin with an in-depth training in April
  • Each reviewer spends about 5-10 hours per week throughout the process, including attending a one-hour virtual call with their team
  • A second event may be scheduled approximately halfway through the review to continue calibration and to provide cross-review team support for the inaugural high school reviews
  • Reviews are expected to be completed late 2022
  • Reviewers receive a host of benefits including more than 25 hours of professional development, a stipend per series reviewed ranging from $1,750 - $2,500 depending on the role you play on a review team, opportunities to learn with national experts in the field, and much more.

How do I apply? Visit EdReports’ website to learn more about becoming a reviewer and complete an application. Once you apply, an application task will be sent requesting demonstration of your NGSS knowledge. Following receipt of the application task, EdReports will schedule a 30-minute interview to learn more about you and share more about the upcoming review.