"A Safety Minute" Tips by Dr. Ken Roy - NSELA Safety Compliance Officer

Posted: December 4, 2021

NSELA Safety Minute by Dr. Ken Roy – NSELA Safety Compliance Officer - For current safety updates five days a week, follow Dr. Ken on Twitter @drroysafersci.

“The Safety Checklist: Navigating to Safer Waters!” December NSTA Safety Blog Commentary by Dr. Ken Roy – NSTA Safety Blogger. Science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) laboratories can be unsafe places with potential hazards and resulting risks. This is where the development and use of a safety checklist comes in. It could be considered a component of the safety action to be taken after an initial hazard analysis and resulting risk assessment is done. First, the safety checklist serves as a map to help teachers and their supervisors navigate to safer waters. Second, the checklist also functions as a legal document illustrating an intent to work in a safer teaching/learning environment. For additional important information, check out the following site: https://www.nsta.org/blog/safety-checklist-navigating-safer-waters