This prestigious award recognizes and honors an outstanding administrator who, through professional work has demonstrated exemplary support for science education at the school, district, and/or county level. This award honors an administrator whose primary responsibility is outside the area of science instruction.

The award is presented at the NSELA luncheon held at the annual NSELA Leadership Summit. The award is accompanied by a check for $1,000 and a plaque donated by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

Jane Steinkamp is an incredible leader of leaders who is a great facilitator, negotiator, listener, and consensus-builder. Jane is the chair of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee science subcommittee. This is a strategic position for the 58 California counties with over 1000 school districts that has oversight as to how NGSS standards are implemented in all of California’s school districts. The science subcommittee is partnering with the K-12 Alliance @ West Ed., the California Science Teachers Association, the California Department of Education, and the California Science Project on the Statewide Roll Outs of NGSS. Through Jane’s shared leadership, a new model of collaboration for professional learning and implementation of standards is now the way science is done in California and impacting other subjects. The Roll Outs provide a two-day professional learning opportunity for district teams to learn about NGSS and share their learning. This powerful model is a great success and has led to the newly developed statewide Community of Practice that brings local leaders from around the state together to solve NGSS implementation issues and share successes.

Jane is also a wonderful leadership mentor. Along with Jane’s ability to motivate and encourage people at all levels of the educational system, her leadership style is shared and participatory.

Past accomplishments include working on a teacher team to develop project-based learning integrated modules, assistant principal, elementary principal, and district assistant superintendent for human resources and instruction. Her leadership provided opportunities for student learning in all academic areas including STEM. Due to STEM’s high priority in her current role as Assistant Superintendent, she provides ongoing support for the STEM group through the construction of a large FabLab that serves her county teachers and students to be exposed to cutting edge resources. Outdoor experiences for students are another priority.

NSELA and Kendall Hunt are proud to recognize Jane Steinkamp’s exemplary leadership as an administrator. She is truly making a difference in science/STEM education in California